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what is slowing down the progress

5 Feb

This is a long overdue post. Motivation where are you? Even a 10 day holiday in sunny Madeira has not got the batteries fully recharged. So, another tack is required.

First, looking for other options. I see at least two polarities at play:

time vs added value: where I limit the time to be spent at reading the chosen book to that necessary to produce a good review that adds value to the readers. If it is true that Bill Clinton reads 1,200 words per minute, I should have no problems at less than half that rate. Then again, it could all just be made up like the myth created by John F. Kennedy in an interview with Time Magazine, who quoted the same figure, only later to admit it privately that this was a pure invention. Perhaps the real ‘value-added’ would be in such nuggets being made available to wider public.

laboratory vs theory: where rather than trying to be ‘perfect’ I go ahead with using the initially found template. The only addition will be with academic texts, where I will add also some of the points from academic reviews.

Perhaps these simple steps will remove the feeling of pressure that sits over me as I finally get the FIRST REVIEW on the site!

OK, where are you?

Questions for housekeeping

30 Dec

Reviewing books I own looks a simple organisational task. It is until I started to put it into practice.

I have now come up with a logistic issue. Namely, our/my books are spread on bookshelves, tables, surfaces all around the house. Where will I put the books that I have reviewed?

Easiest would be to allocate a shelf for that purpose. Well, that would presuppose mixing different books together- something that is not the case at present. And, I would need to empty a shelf for this- none are free now.

Another option would be to put the books that have been reviewed into a box and keep on updating the list of them placing it on the top. This could be a good way to keep track of the location of books and their list- I would have the same list on the computer too. Boxes would need to have a unique ID as would the shelves later.

Well, may be a simple boxing solution will work.

NB. I have later noticed that the white bookshelf on upper landing has very few books and is strategically placed! So, that is a second option.


Five and a half years on we are in the new house. The first addition to our home has been to build a full wall double depth bookshelf. Thus the books are now mostly in two places: sitting room and my husband’s study. So, no more excuse that I do not know where to start.

What is this Year long Project about – First Idea

25 Dec

As I went to bed last night- late again (2.30am) but not as late as recently- I could not get to sleep straight away. So, I thought about the Project and this blog.

The Idea that kept coming back is to catalogue- with my notes of quotes and comments- the books I have in my home library. That would be useful, fun and interesting. I would finally know what books I own. I could dispose of those that are of no consequence or past it. Given the real mix of books on my shelves and tables, this could be really unexpected bonus.

Now, for practicalities. First, if I am to cover ALL MY BOOKS, then reading would need to be fast and typing even faster. This means I will need to get my typing speed increased by an order of magnitude- hence get through Mavis Beacon typing course asap. Even at the rate of ONE BOOK A DAY I would only cover 365 books and there are more of them in the house. Plus, realistically, I will not manage that rate. So, I will go for 250 books capture over 2009 year. I do not know where she finds these challenges, but they look really a good idea- parcelling a big task into small and achievable chunks.

This commitment entails some choices. For the moment I have no idea what criteria to use. I can consider this later, once I have tried to see on a few examples how this task develops.

As a committed researcher, I am checking out existing Book Review Blogs. Sure to learn something useful. Becky’s Book Reviews has a great idea: setting up a number of challenges for the year. Her 2008 Challenges can be found here Another site that I like is a busy and varied Janice Harayda’s One minute book reviews which introduces a simple template for reviews. This is the one I will try in my first attempt (hope to get the author’s permission- generously granted in the comment below, thank you).

Wish me luck in this year long commitment. What I need is the support and reminder of why I am doing this.

Hello world!

23 Dec

Welcome to my new blog! As the old year 2008 ends, I am starting to create a new presence and focus for my passions and work. This will be the place to chart progress, regress, highs, lows, digressions, expansions, connections, gains, losses, ideas and practicalities of making money from my web connectivity.

Hopefully, it will help me and my readers who like me, suffer from an overload of options for participation on the web but, lack the real impetus to focus on how to make their presence really count for all who come in contact with them.

Please be patient. I have a lot to learn. Not the least of this is how to write well for this medium. Too long sentences, big words, acronyms, technical terms and such can easily drive readers away. Apologies in advance. Seems to me that Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project is a very good example of where and how to start. Her first suggestion for such a project is to find an image that captures the spirit of the project. I have looked for one that resonates with me and came up with King Solomon’s knot.

Every day is a challenge. My one for today is to get out for a walk, in spite of not really wanting to do so! I realise it is good for me so I am off now.

Till tomorrow then.