Dr Lilly Evans
Internationally known business transformation consultant, change expert, strategic management and marketing adviser, lecturer, mentor and coach to tomorrow’s leaders of today’s companies, looking to bring about different atmosphere for working in teams that capitalises on individual strengths and builds capability to live life as happy and fulfilled people.

• Guided transformation of implementation consultancy into desirable takeover target for USA rival with client CEO retaining European Head position.

• Engaging initially unwilling clients in open group conversations leading to breakthrough actions.

• Devising simple, powerful dynamic tracking tools for ‘soft’ outcomes projects providing full, transparent progress measure for executives.

• Bringing new approach to business integration in transitional situations in EMEA through application of ICT and HR approaches that accelerate building commitment and taking responsibility by stakeholders.

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Decision making, Complex systems work, Business transformation, Conflict resolution, thought leadership, Strengths development, process change, systems thinking, Leadership development, Organisational Learning, Systems dynamics, Marketing, Strengths building, Program evaluations, Management mentoring and coaching, Innovation, Strategic thinking, Positive Psychology, Learning tools and programs designer, Strategic conversations, Lecturer, Dialogue, Happiness coaching, Deep conversations, Social media usage

Contacts details

Mob: +44-7720-510-095

E-mail: lillyevans@me.com
Skype: lila2418
Twitter: @Alheri

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