Hello world!

23 Dec

Welcome to my new blog! As the old year 2008 ends, I am starting to create a new presence and focus for my passions and work. This will be the place to chart progress, regress, highs, lows, digressions, expansions, connections, gains, losses, ideas and practicalities of making money from my web connectivity.

Hopefully, it will help me and my readers who like me, suffer from an overload of options for participation on the web but, lack the real impetus to focus on how to make their presence really count for all who come in contact with them.

Please be patient. I have a lot to learn. Not the least of this is how to write well for this medium. Too long sentences, big words, acronyms, technical terms and such can easily drive readers away. Apologies in advance. Seems to me that Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project is a very good example of where and how to start. Her first suggestion for such a project is to find an image that captures the spirit of the project. I have looked for one that resonates with me and came up with King Solomon’s knot.

Every day is a challenge. My one for today is to get out for a walk, in spite of not really wanting to do so! I realise it is good for me so I am off now.

Till tomorrow then.

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